Rapid Assessment and Response
Adaptation guide for work with especially vulnerable young people

Reference number: WHO/HIV/2004.15

This adaptation guide for work with especially vulnerable young people (YP-RAR) describes how to undertake a rapid assessment of HIV-related issues among young people and to develop appropriate interventions and responses. The emphasis is on working with young people who may be especially vulnerable. An RAR among young people provides specific information on vulnerable young groups, the types of questions that might be asked when conducting an initial assessment and issues that might arise in working with these people.

This guide supports the more general WHO rapid assessment and response technical guide (TG-RAR).1 It complements the TG-RAR by providing greater detail on issues, behaviour and settings relevant to young people who are especially vulnerable to HIV/AIDS. It offers guidance on ways to plan, develop and implement programmes and interventions for these affected populations.

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- Link to the "Technical Guide to Rapid Assessment and Response (TG-RAR)"

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