WHO and UNAIDS resource kit for writing Global Fund HIV proposals for round 10

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This resource kit has been developed jointly by WHO and UNAIDS to provide specific guidance in planning for and writing Global Fund HIV proposals for Round 10. UNICEF, UNFPA and other UN co-sponsor agencies and Civil Society organizations have contributed to the development of technical documents. The kit is intended for use by individuals, teams involved in writing Round 10 HIV proposals. The content does not represent an official publication by WHO or UNAIDS. The resource kit consists of six sections:

  • Summary technical notes: This is the core component of this kit. It provides guidance in drafting the various areas/interventions relevant to Round 10.

  • Practical tools: Includes guidance on managing the support needs of countries during proposal development, costing and budgeting.

  • Reference documents: Provides additional background information on the various technical areas.

  • HIV/AIDS country information: Includes link to latest statistics on HIV (Epi fact sheets and other country information).

  • Global Fund documents: Direct links to Round 10 forms and guidelines.

  • Other resources: Guidance from civil society and other organizations on Round 10.

  • Finding support: Provides advice and directives on seeking technical support, useful contacts, list of focal points, helplines, etc.

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