WHO and UNAIDS resource kit for writing Global Fund HIV proposals for round 10

Finding support

The type of HIV proposals submitted and approved goes a long way in determining the pace of scale up of essential HIV/AIDS services for many countries. Round 10 presents a good opportunity for countries to plan and seek essential funding to scale up the required programmes. WHO, UNAIDS and other UN agencies are committed to provide adequate assistance to countries during the proposal development process. In general WHO and UNAIDS support mainly involves facilitating the proposal development process and providing general or specific technical guidance, to ensure that the proposal is technically sound and meets the other requirements. The actual writing of the proposal is the responsibility of the in-country partners.

It is very important that response to and coordination of technical support to countries should be first addressed at country level within the UN theme group. Assistance can be provided through WHO and UNAIDS.

Peer review of draft proposals

WHO and UNAIDS will set up a process to review draft proposals. For peer review regional workshops please look under events section below.