Service delivery approaches to HIV testing and counselling (HTC):

A strategic policy framework


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Number of pages: 75
Publication date: July 2012
Languages: English
ISBN: 978 92 4 159387 7



The objectives of this HIV testing and counselling (HTC) policy framework are to advocate and discuss:

  • the continued effective and appropriate use of provider-initiated counselling and testing in health-care settings;
  • the expansion of HTC modes of service delivery beyond health care facility-based HTC to increase access and coverage of services and to maximize efficiency, impact and equity;
  • the strategic choice and implementation of a combination of HTC modes of service delivery based on an analysis of epidemiological, social and programmatic context in order to maximize impact and equity;
  • providing high-quality services and adherence to the guiding principles of HTC in expanding HTC service delivery approaches;
  • establishing and measuring clear HTC targets that are linked with HIV service delivery objectives.

This document is intended for clinical and community providers of HIV, tuberculosis and other health care, programme managers and policy-makers.

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