Guidelines on construction of core indicators

Monitoring the Declaration of Commitment on HIV/AIDS
United Nations General Assembly Special Session on HIV/AIDS 2002

11 December 2002

Reference Number: UNAIDS/02.51E

At the United Nations General Assembly Special Session (UNGASS) on HIV/AIDS, in June 2001, governments from 189 countries committed themselves to a comprehensive programme of international and national action to fight the HIV/AIDS pandemic by adopting the Declaration of Commitment on HIV/AIDS. The Declaration established a number of goals for the achievement of specific quantified and time-bound targets, including reductions in HIV infection among infants and young adults; improvements in HIV/AIDS education, health care and treatment; and improvements in orphan support.

The purpose of the current guidelines is to provide countries with technical guidance on the detailed specification of the indicators, on the information required and the basis of their construction, and on their interpretation. These guidelines aim to maximize the validity, internal consistency and comparability across countries and over time of the indicator estimates obtained, and to ensure consistency in the types of data and methods of calculation employed.