Guidelines for the Upgrading of HIV/AIDS/STI Surveillance in the Caribbean (2002)

The Third Generation Surveillance of HIV/AIDS/STI
Linking HIV, AIDS and STI Case-Reporting
Behavioural and Care Surveillance

Through these guidelines, the Caribbean Epidemiology Centre (CAREC) is making available to national epidemiologists, public health managers, and national decision-makers a tool which blends epidemiology with behavioural surveillance and audits of quality of care for PLWHA and STI patients. The intention is to allow for comparability between countries through targetting the same vulnerable groups among which comprehensive data is collected over time or on a continuous basis. This in turn leads to action at the local, national and regional levels and HIV/AIDS trends assessment in the Caribbean. This data collection should take place with the full participation of the vulnerable groups and under strict respect for their human rights.

Beyond the key components included in the Second Generation HIV/AIDS surveillance, these new guidelines put emphasis on implementation of an enhanced STI surveillance system and the audit of quality of care for people living with HIV/AIDS and STI patients. This will allow for the routine measurement of some key indicators for monitoring and evaluating national responses to the HIV/AIDS epidemic. These Guidelines promote:

  • use of other sources of information e.g. Central Statistical Offices or Vital Statistics Offices
  • a team approach to surveillance
  • participatory approaches with community involvement and
  • action-oriented approaches to demonstrate the usefulness of surveillance systems.