The Status and Trends of the HIV/AIDS/STD Epidemics in Asia and the Pacific (1999)

Monitoring the AIDS Pandemic (MAP), Provisional Report, October 23, 1999

The MAP symposium in Kuala Lumpur brought together 40 global and regional experts, including MAP members and some specially invited participants, to achieve the following objectives:

  • To present and share information on the status and trends of the HIV/AIDS epidemics in Asia and the Pacific and analyze this information in a global context;
  • To review the epidemiological and behavioral patterns among the HIV/AIDS epidemics affecting the different populations in the region;
  • To identify specific data needs for monitoring and estimating the HIV/AIDS epidemics in the region; and
  • To produce and disseminate a consensus report on the current status of the HIV/AIDS epidemics in Asia and on the current and projected trends for these epidemics in the region.