Antiretroviral (ARV) toolkit

IMAI strategy

IMAI (Integrated Management of Adolescent and Adult Illness) is an integrated approach to scaling up comprehensive HIV/AIDS care, treatment and prevention within the framework of existing health systems. It offers a concrete blueprint for the realization of ambitious scale-up targets by integrating simplified clinical management of HIV/AIDS (with back-up from clinical mentors and referral to hospital) into the routine work of existing health services with strong community support. This public health approach is based on the principles of standardization, decentralization and integration. It covers the range of HIV/AIDS-related prevention, care and treatment issues—from clinical staging, to treatment of acute conditions and opportunistic infections, to anti-retroviral treatment and palliative care, with prevention integrated throughout. This approach supports a network model, with back-up for services provided at health centre and district hospital level by clinical mentors within a strengthened consultative/referral and back-referral system.

For the complete IMAI package please refer to the link below.