Capacity-building and training

The scaling up of HIV testing and counselling services requires effective capacity-building and training in order to ensure that services are of consistently high quality and that they meet the needs of the communities they serve.

Capacity-building goes beyond training and the attainment of skills. It includes the strengthening of organizations and systems, and establishing and supporting linkages and networks. Training and support for all cadres of staff are essential components of capacity-building. The capacity-building and training requirements of HIV testing and counselling services vary with the setting and the services offered.

This section considers the following operational issues:

  • capacity-building for setting up a service centrally and for service delivery;
  • training needs for different types of counsellors, trainers, managers, testing staff, laboratory staff, M&E personnel, community volunteers and people with HIV;
  • training on specialized counselling for different population groups, e.g. young people, couples, women and couples attending PMTCT clinics, IDUs, sex workers and IDPs;
  • ongoing support and supervision, and mechanisms for avoiding burnout and dropout among staff.