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HIV testing and counselling toolkit


Opening up the HIV/AIDS Epidemic: Guidance on Encouraging Beneficial Disclosure, Ethical Partner Counselling and Appropriate Use of HIV Case Reporting

This guide provides recommendations for encouraging beneficial disclosure, ethical partner counselling and appropriate use of HIV case reporting. The annex comprises general guiding principles that need to be taken into consideration by governments and policy makers when planning national strategies. The document gives clear guidance on the necessary steps involved if confidentiality is to be breached in the interests of a third party.

Increasing access to HIV testing and counseling: Report of a WHO consultation, 19-21 November 2002, Geneva Switzerland

Report of an expert consultation on increasing access to T&C in resource-limited areas. The report recommends radical up-scaling of T&C in clinical and prevention settings, including tuberculosis and STI services, ANC services, and strengthening of VCT services. Also emphasised are the challenges to increasing T&C access, guiding principles of T&C service delivery, models of service delivery, supportive environments and experiences from Brazil, Zambia and Zimbabwe.

The right to know: new approaches to HIV testing and counselling

This document is the executive summary, printed separately, of the WHO Consultation on Increasing Access to HIV Testing and Counselling, held in Geneva on 19-21 November 2002. It forms the basis of current WHO policy on T&C and emphasises guiding principles for T&C implementation and activities.

UNAIDS/WHO policy statement on HIV testing, 2004

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