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HIV testing and counselling toolkit

HIV testing and counselling services are a gateway to HIV prevention, care and treatment.


Increasing access to HIV testing and counselling: Report of a WHO consultation, 19-21 November 2002, Geneva, Switzerland

Report of an expert consultation on increasing access to T&C in resource-limited areas. The report recommends radical up-scaling of T&C in clinical and prevention settings, including tuberculosis and STI services, ANC services, and strengthening of VCT services. Also emphasised are the challenges to increasing T&C access, guiding principles of T&C service delivery, models of service delivery, supportive environments and experiences from Brazil, Zambia and Zimbabwe.

The right to know: new approaches to HIV testing and counselling

This document is the executive summary, printed separately, of the WHO Consultation on Increasing Access to HIV Testing and Counselling, held in Geneva on 19-21 November 2002. It forms the basis of current WHO policy on T&C and emphasises guiding principles for T&C implementation and activities.

Report from a WHO/UNAIDS consultation on Provider-initiated testing and counselling in health care settings, June 2006

This meeting report is of the discussions that took place when a consultation was held in 3-4 July 2006 on provider-initiated HIV testing and counselling in health facilities. The meeting was attended by a range of stakeholders from civil society, programme managers, human rights activitists, research scientists, people with HIV, government and UN partner agencies.

UNAIDS/WHO policy statement on HIV testing

The cornerstones of HIV testing scale-up must include improved protection from stigma and discrimination as well as assured access to integrated prevention, treatment and care services. The conditions under which people undergo HIV testing must be anchored in a human rights approach which protects their human rights and pays due respect to ethical principles. This statement was released in June 2004.

Revised Recommendations for HIV Testing (CDC MMWR September 2006)

These recommendations for human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) testing are intended for all health-care providers in the public and private sectors, including those working in hospital emergency departments, urgent care clinics, inpatient services, substance abuse treatment clinics, public health clinics, community clinics, correctional health-care facilities, and primary care settings. The recommendations address HIV testing in health-care settings only. They do not modify existing guidelines concerning HIV counseling, testing, and referral for persons at high risk for HIV who seek or receive HIV testing in nonclinical settings (e.g., community-based organizations, outreach settings, or mobile vans).

Guidance on provider-initiated HIV testing and counselling in health facilities

WHO and UNAIDS has issued guidance focusing on provider-initiated HIV testing and counselling in health facilities.