Household water treatment and safe storage

WHO International Scheme to Evaluate Household Water Treatment Technologies

Summary Test Reports

Products under evaluation
A list of all products that have been recently evaluated is provided below

Manufacturer Product trademark Treatment technology
Aqua Research LLC H2gO Purifier Electrolytic chlorine generator
Helioz GmbH WADI UV indicator
LifeStraw SA (part of Vestergaard Group) LifeStraw Family 1.0 Ultrafiltration membrane device
LifeStraw Family 2.0
LifeStraw Community
Medentech Limited Aquatabs Chlorine disinfectant
Qingdao Waterlogic Waterlogic Hybrid / UV disinfectant
Manufacturing Company Waterlogic Edge
The Procter & Gamble Company P & G Purifier of Water Flocculant-disinfectant
Upendo Women’s Group MSABI TEMBO Filter Pot Ceramic pot filter
World Health Alliance Inc. Silverdyne Colloidal silver disinfectant

Round I evaluation under the Scheme is complete, and results will be posted shortly
WHO will (subject to the protection of any confidential information of the applicant) publish a summary of the results (including possible negative evaluation outcomes) below.