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WHO and the University of Geneva sign an agreement to deliver a Masters Degree Programme with a focus on Health Workforce Development in Francophone Africa

From left: Professor Jean Louis Carpentier, Professor Jean Dominique Vassalli, Dr Carissa Etienne
WHO/Oliver O'Hanlon

Geneva, 17 February 2010 | A letter of agreement was signed between WHO and the University of Geneva to bring together a consortium of educational institutions in francophone Africa to deliver a Masters Degree programme of Advanced Studies in Public Health with an emphasis on Health Workforce Development.

The pioneering initiative, which is co-funded by the University of Geneva and the Global Health Workforce Alliance (GHWA), will not only build alliances to strengthen public health education in francophone Africa, but also fill an important human resource gap by producing competent personnel for the critical task of health workforce planning and management.

With its strong emphasis on learning by distance, the approach offers both promise and opportunity for the development of a sustainable and transferable model for Masters Degree programmes that both build institutional capacity and strengthen national leadership.

This is the second consortium of African institutions receiving technical support from WHO to run a Masters Degree on Health Workforce Development. The first consortium, which is lead by the University of the Western Cape with funding from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, was launched in June 2009 with students in Ethiopia, Mozambique and Rwanda.

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