Health workforce

WHO Initiative on transformative scale-up of health professional education

The WHO Initiative on transformative scale-up of health professional education aims to support and advance the performance of country health systems so as to meet the needs of individuals and populations in an equitable and efficient manner. Driven by population health needs, transformative scale-up is a process of education system and health systems reform that addresses the quantity, quality and relevance of health care providers in order to increase access to health service and to improve population health outcomes.

Guideline development

The development of WHO policy and technical guidelines follows a stringent process of consultation, evidence gathering, analysis and consensus building.

Broad consultation on the need for a transformative scale up of health professional education started in 2009 and continued with Technical Reference Group meetings in 2010. The reference groups include representatives from all key stakeholder groups, such as doctors, nurses, midwives, service users, policy makers, implementers and development partners.

In early 2011, a core guidelines development group was formed to assess the evidence following the GRADE methodology and develop draft recommendations, which will be shared iteratively with the Technical Reference Groups for additional input and consensus building.

In addition to developing technical and policy guidelines, the process is generating interest, engagement and support for implementation of the guidelines. Once agreement is reached on policy guidelines, WHO will assist countries who chose to implement the guidelines and will participate in the process of monitoring and evaluation.

It will be the first in a series of guidelines that aim to address the scale up of full range of health workers, including community health workers and mid-level cadres.