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1st Meeting of Focal Points on the Implementation of the Global Programme on Scaling up Nursing and Midwifery Capacity to Contribute to the Millennium Development Goals 2008-2009

Geneva, Switzerland, 23-24 March 2009

The Programme of Work on scaling up capacity of nursing and midwifery is built on the WHO resolutions, the Islamabad and Kampala declarations, the 2006 World Health Report, the WHO programme of work, the HRH work plan and the agenda for Global Action. Countries from six WHO regions have been selected to participate in the implementation of the programme.

This meeting brings together focal points from these selected countries and from interested countries who have the capacity to implement the programme. The aim of the meeting is to introduce the Global Programme of Work on Scaling-up Nursing and Midwifery Capacity to the group.

At the end of the two-day meeting, participants should have a clear understanding on of the Global Programme of work, its strategic approaches and implementation and reach an agreement on final country action plans, time frames, follow up mechanisms-monitoring and evaluation strategy.