Health workforce

HRH Action Framework: assessing progress, mapping the road ahead

Amsterdam, Netherlands, 5-7 May 2009

The WHO, Capacity Project, Global Health Workforce Alliance and other global partners collaborated to assess progress on applying the Human Resources for Health (HRH) Action Framework (HAF). The HAF was designed as a comprehensive approach to help governments and health managers achieve an effective and sustainable health workforce. Thirty-two experts representing technical and HRH fields from all regions of the global community shared their experiences using HAF in different country and political contexts, and explored the variety of ways that the framework has been useful. The participants shared lessons learned and discussed opportunities to expand the use of the HAF to make the greatest impact on the health workforce and to make the resources and technical support available to a wider audience of users. As the group included representatives from a broad range of organizations, countries and regions, the recommendations and strategies identified to enhance and expand the impact and usage of this framework will certainly lead to increased accessibility and sustainability.