Health workforce

Health Workforce Information Reference Group Meeting

10-12 March 2010, Montreux, Switzerland

The first meeting of the Health Workforce Information Reference Group (HIRG) brought together some 20 experts from various countries, institutions and agencies to discuss, share and reach consensus on strategies to improve availability, quality and use of data and statistics on health workforce (human resources for health), to contribute to enhanced health systems performance and better health outcomes for populations.

The meeting provided an opportunity to update HIRG members and stakeholders on some of the recent activities and achievements related to health workforce information undertaken by the various partners. The meeting offered a platform to take stock of tools and references on collation, analysis and synthesis of HRH data and evidence, as well as on activities for strengthening HRH information systems in countries and regions. A draft action plan of work for the HIRG was endorsed by the meeting participants, with the goal of working together towards a coordinated, harmonized and technically coherent approach to strengthening country HRH information and monitoring systems, in line with country needs and priorities.

The event was co-organized by the WHO Department of Human Resources for Health, the Global Health Workforce Alliance and the Health Metrics Network.

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