Health workforce

Fourth Global Forum on Human Resources for Health

13-17 November 2017, Dublin, Ireland

The Fourth Global Forum on Human Resources for Health - Building the health workforce of the future - will be held in Dublin, Ireland, from 13-17 November 2017. The Forum is intersectoral. It will welcome participation from a range of actors across education, health, labour/employment and finance sectors. It is the largest open conference on human resources for health related issues and is expected to gather over 1,000 delegates from across the globe.

The adoption of the Global Strategy on Human Resources for Health: Workforce 2030 and the work of the UN High level Commission on Health Employment and Economic Growth - have made a bold economic case for investing in the health and social workforce and intensified intersectoral collaboration.

The Forum programme will feature high-impact decision-makers, leaders, and investors representing all stakeholder groups to discuss and debate innovative approaches towards advancing the implementation of the Global Strategy and the Commission’s recommendations. High level plenaries, side sessions and skills building workshops with exhibition areas, poster presentations, and much more will contribute to an exceptional opportunity for professional development and networking.

The Forum is convened by Trinity College, Dublin, Health Service Executive, Irish Aid, the Department of Health, Ireland, the World Health Organization and the Global Health Workforce Network. Co-sponsors include Member States and supporting organizations engaged in the work of the Global Health Workforce Network.

The main objectives of the forum:

  • Advance the implementation of the Global Strategy on Human Resources for Health and the Commission’s recommendations towards achieving Universal Health Coverage and the Sustainable Development Goals.
  • Promote innovations in policy, practice and research.
  • Promote the engagement of HRH stakeholder groups in learning, knowledge sharing, networking and collaborative actions.

The Forum will also facilitate special sessions to debate and discuss health workforce issues of global relevance including; emergency preparedness & response, antimicrobial resistance, and the 90-90-90 initiative amongst others.

Target Audience:

This conference is aimed at a diverse audiences, including two large and intersecting communities:

  • Academia and Researchers across the sectors (health, labour, education and finance)
  • Policy Makers, planners and practitioners from these sectors, including those from public, private and civil society and professional associations.

Forum Schedule:

  • 13-14 November - Pre conference activities – Skills building workshops/side events; Youth forum (14th)
  • 14 (PM) - 17(AM) November - Main conference - plenary and organized track sessions
  • 14-17 November - All week activities - marketplace

The Forum website is now live at, with information on the programme, schedule, key deadlines and other practical information