Health workforce

Events - May 2007

Nurses at the forefront: dealing with the unexpected. International Council of Nurses (ICN) Annual International Conference - Yokohama, Japan, 27 May–1 June 2007

The conference aims at highlighting the realities of nursing practice, and acknowledging nurses’ expertise in dealing with the unexpected. Cross-cutting themes include: clinical practice; pandemics, epidemics, sudden crisis, and disasters; nursing/health policy and services management; nursing education; nursing/health research and informatics; ethics, values and wisdom; labour and workplace issues; and regulation. This meeting will be followed by the 8th International Conference on "Protecting the public: regulatory best practice" on 2-3 June.

Meeting of the WHO Fellowships officers - WHO/HQ, 28–30 May 2007

The Fellowships Officers from HQ and Regional Offices met to discuss the status of the fellowships programmes in the regions and strategic ways forward. In cooperation with other UN agencies, an evaluation of the outcomes of investments in fellowships across the UN is being planned. A task force, chaired by WHO, will commence its work at the end of June 2007.

Launch of the Global Health Workers Migration Initiative - 15 May 2007

The Initiative - cosponsored by the Global Health Workforce Alliance (GHWA), Realizing Rights and WHO/HRH - aims at finding practical solutions to the worker migration from developing to developed countries and acts on two levels:

  • A High-level Policy Council, co-chaired by Mary Robinson (President of Realizing Rights: the Ethical Globalization Initiative) and Francis Omaswa (Executive Director of GHWA).
  • A Migration Technical working group, hosted by WHO and involving ILO, IOM and other partners whose main role is to provide technical support to the policy level.

Various policy recommendations, including the creation of a Global Code of Practice on Health Worker Migration, are being studied.