Health workforce

WHO Global Code of Practice on the International Recruitment of Health Personnel

Article 10 – Partnerships, technical collaboration and financial support

10.1 Member States and other stakeholders should collaborate directly or through competent international bodies to strengthen their capacity to implement the objectives of the Code.

10.2 International organizations, international donor agencies, financial and development institutions, and other relevant organizations are encouraged to provide their technical and financial support to assist the implementation of this Code and support health system strengthening in developing countries and countries with economies in transition that are experiencing critical health workforce shortages and/or have limited capacity to implement the objectives of this Code. Such organizations and other entities should be encouraged to cooperate with countries facing critical shortages of health workers and undertake to ensure that funds provided for disease-specific interventions are used to strengthen health systems capacity, including health personnel development.

10.3 Member States either on their own or via their engagement with national and regional organizations, donor organizations and other relevant bodies should be encouraged to provide technical assistance and financial support to developing countries or countries with economies in transition, aiming at strengthening health systems capacity, including health personnel development in those countries.