Health workforce

Migration of health workers:

The WHO Code of Practice and the Global Economic Crisis

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Editors: Amani Siyam, Mario Roberto Dal Poz
Number of pages: 220
Publication date: May 2014
Languages: English
ISBN: 978 92 4 150714 1


Many countries and global partners have responded to the Code and made significant changes to national policies. This publication provides insights into steps taken to implement the Code globally and it features detailed experiences from 13 countries: Australia, Belgium, Canada, El Salvador, Italy, the Netherlands, Norway, the Philippines, Poland, Romania, Switzerland, the United Kingdom and the United States. It also gives other countries valuable guidance and recommendations on how they, too, can implement the Code. While the country response has had positive impact, there is still much to do to redress major inequalities in international migration of the health workforce.

More critically, achieving universal health coverage requires sound health workforce planning, quality transformative education systems for health professionals, innovative strategies of service delivery and regulation. Addressing local and international migration issues, as discussed in the publication, is part and parcel of these efforts. Key messages and recommendations are targeted for health policy-makers and decision-takers in governments, nongovernmental organizations and other partners and stakeholders, including civil society. The book has contributions from The Migration Policy Institute, Civil Society, OECD, academic institutions, and, ministries and directorates of health.