Health workforce

WHO global recommendations for the retention of health workers

The WHO resolutions on migration (WHA57.19) and rapid scaling up of health workers (WHA59.23) request Member States to put in place mechanisms which aim to improve the retention of health workers. Very recently, the Kampala Declaration, called on governments to "assure adequate incentives and an enabling and safe working environment for effective retention and equitable distribution of the health workforce".

It is against this background that WHO has embarked upon a process to develop evidence-based recommendations which will advise countries on addressing the critical issues of retention and equitable distribution of health workers.

The eventual WHO recommendations will be informed by research and analyses of evidence on existing interventions, by a series of country case studies and by consultations with experts and stakeholders regarding the effectiveness of strategies to improve retention.

Consultations for developing the recommendations

Special theme issue of the WHO Bulletin

Background paper

Flyer for the WHO rural retention programme