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Health Worker Migration Global Policy Advisory Council

Note: HWM Global Policy Advisory Council provided a number of specific comments on articles 1 through 11, along with suggested wording for a preamble, and these will be duly considered when the draft is revised.

Below are selected highlights of HWM Global Policy Advisory Council’s general comments.

  • Need to focus more strongly on mitigating the damage to health systems in developing countries.
  • While there is strong attention to the roles of Member States generally, the specific roles of source and destination countries, of health workers, of recruiters/employers, and of other relevant stakeholders could use further elaboration.
  • The code must recognize and support existing codes and other codes that will be developed in the future.
  • A preamble, text that opens and travels with the code, is needed to inform the rationale, context, and vision behind the accompanying articles.
  • A definitions section is needed, defining in particular the specific stakeholders, distinguishing active vs. passive recruitment, distinguishing documented vs. undocumented health workers, and further elaborating on the principles of fairness, transparency, and mutuality of benefits.
  • Consistency in language throughout the document and with other codes/key documents, though understandably challenging, is also important.
  • It would be helpful if the code clearly spelt out how it was envisaged that Member States would in practice implement it, e.g. by specifying that they were encouraged to develop/implement national policies and practices that reflected the principles of the code.

Solange Caetano, Brazil

3.1 How will workers rights be implemented equitably among Member States?

3.5 How will the question about professional formation between the members countries be answered? Will there be rules created with reference to education curriculum between countries members? Will Members States be in communication with education agencies in other countries?

3.9 Suggest including “sexual orientation” here.

5.1 Suggest specifying these benefits.

9.3 What is the timeline for this type of consultation?

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