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Pascal Garel, European Hospital and Healthcare Federation, Bruxelles, Belgium

There is scope for sharing good practice in recruitment between countries to the benefit of all.

There are potential benefits from sharing good practice, on effective approaches to retention, between countries, recognising of course that different legal frameworks and social systems can affect the approaches that can be adopted.

There is a need for the collection and dissemination of information on international recruitment.

There should be research into the impact of international migration on the health services of those countries from which staff are recruited, with a particular focus on developing countries, and the use of inter-Governmental Agreements.

Vanessa Jessop, Health Systems Campaign, Medsin-UK, Edinburgh, Scotland, United Kingdom

There is no mention of any aspect of international law governing implementation except 1c “international legal instruments” and “relevant international agreements” in 4.2. This could be more specific and explicit.

In 3.1, strengthening established links to allow for health workers to be seconded from richer to poorer countries, with an emphasis on exchange rather than assistance, would contribute positively to health systems strengthening.

The reference in section 3.7 to countries that have a limited capacity to implement the recommendations of this code should be more detailed.

In Article 5 “opportunities to work abroad” and “professional exchanges” could be expanded on, and should be more integral to national plans.

In 8.1 we are concerned that there is no motion of confidentiality and appropriate storage and exchange of information. An ethical code should be devised regarding the storage and use of the aforementioned information.

We would also suggest that attempts to tackle the brain drain should address not only the external drain of skills to richer countries, but also the internal drain of health workers to international NGOs working in poorer countries.

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