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Kristine Qureshi, University of Hawaii at Manoa, United States of America

Excellent document. You may consider including something that addresses a country’s evaluation of the treatment of its own health-care workforce. That is why so many want to migrate out.

Rodel Nodora, WHO Regional Office for the Western Pacific

The voluntary nature of the code will encourage countries to formulate strategies in managing migration in a global perspective, not just in light of their own situation.

Article 2: the code also provides a comprehensive framework that will guide countries in coming up with their migration management plans.

Item 3.5: include in the first sentence the principle of "national preference" applied in an effective manner that will guide the recruitment of foreign health workers.

Article 6: include the area of health workers’ career development and management which recognizes movements of health workers as a reality and should be guided accordingly with appropriate policies based on sound evidence.

Article 7: include the provision of guidelines for Member States in their setting of programmes for national data gathering on health worker migration.

Article 9: add a timeline wherein Member States are encouraged to adapt this code.

Article 11: include the development of guidelines by which international donor agencies and financial institutions shall base their technical and financial support to Member States.

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