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Summaries of contributions

Charles Twinomugisha - Health Service Commission, Kampala, Uganda

The draft is a good piece of work. Please consider the following changes:

  • Substitute line two of 3.1 with: “International recruitment can make a legitimate contribution to the development and strengthening of a national health service through bolstering a national health workforce.”
  • In 3.8 substitute the word “essential” with “critical”.
  • Add “minority considerations” to 3.9: “… nationality, ethnic, social origin or minority considerations.”
  • Strengthen 4.4 by instituting the element of just: “…observe fair and just practices…”
  • Strengthen 4.6 by instituting the concept of equity: “…responsibility on the basis of equality of and equity in treatment…”
  • In 5.3 consider separating the mutuality of benefit into two points, where 5.4 would read as: “Member States in both source and destination countries should encourage and support health workers to utilize work experience for the benefit of their country and in this respect, the destination States should cooperate with source countries regarding the health workers’ professional and performance conduct while in destination States.”

Jeannine Greenfield - Washington DC, United States of America

  • In article 3.5 state “educated” rather than “trained” or use both to clearly distinguish the difference.
  • In 3.6 use “systematic” rather than “effective” to describe the process. It needs to include more than effective. Later definitions of the process of evaluation are clearer.
  • The intent of the statement in 3.7 is not clear. It needs further clarification.
  • In 3.8 use “valid and reliable” rather than “effective” as the descriptors.
  • Add continuing education to the statement in 4.9. This will more clearly identify the need to continue the education and support necessary for the health professionals competency (skills progression from novice to expert) including skills, knowledge and attitude development.

Hla Hla Aye, WHO Regional Office for South-East Asia, New Delhi, India

  • Insert “in member countries” in article 1a.
  • Add “government and non-governmental organizations” to article 2.
  • Add “with regard to international recruitment of health personnel” to end of article 3.8.
  • Include “supportive supervision” in article 6.2 as this is one of the important means to retain health workers in the health system.
  • Articles 8, 9 and 10.3 all relate to coordination and updating data, information sharing of migration, monitoring and institutional arrangements for international recruitment of health personnel. These activities can all be carried without replication and redundancies if member countries establish health workforce observatories and a corner/tab allocated for international recruitment practices is given. Thus, this idea should be reflected in one of these articles and member countries and regional heath workforce units should be encouraged to work together in a coordinated manner to implement, coordinate and update on international recruitment of health workers.
  • Suggest to include in article 11 “long-term commitment for” their technical and financial support.

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