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Public hearings on the draft code of practice on the international recruitment of health personnel

The number of migrating health workers has significantly increased in the past decades, and patterns of migration have become more complex and now involve more countries. Health worker migration from those countries experiencing a crisis shortage in their health workforce is further weakening already fragile health systems and presents a serious impediment to achieving the health-related Millennium Development Goals.

In September 2008, WHO invited Member States, health workers, recruiters, employers, academic and research institutions, health professional organizations, relevant subregional, regional and international organizations, whether governmental or nongovernmental, and all persons concerned with the international recruitment of health personnel to contribute to a web-based public hearings on a draft code of practice on the international recruitment of health personnel.

The draft code was submitted to the WHO Executive Board for consideration at its 124th Session in January 2009.

Health workforce and the Sustainable Development Goals – an infographic

The power of health workers

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