Health workforce

Policies and practices of countries that are experiencing a crisis in human resources for health: tracking survey

Human Resources for Health Observer - Issue No. 6

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Number of pages: 46
Publication date: December 2010
Languages: English
ISBN: ISBN 978 92 4 150082 1

In order to understand and monitor the progress in developing and implementing HRH policies in the 57 countries experiencing a critical deficit in the health workforce, this tracking survey provides an overview of the current situation in terms of HRH policies, plans, capacities and processes.

The scope of the study focuses on four dimensions, which are considered essential in developing a strong health workforce and in enabling progress to be monitored: strategic directions, governance and leadership, partnership and commitment. It contributes to a better understanding of some of the crucial issues and it is expected that this publication will contribute to stimulating the debate on HRH policies and practices at international level, and within the countries concerned.