Health workforce

Sources and classification of health workforce statistics

Health data sources

Routine administrative information systems

Depending on the country, routine health human resources information systems can draw on administrative records from a wide range of sources, such as registries on public expenditure, staffing and payroll as well as professional training, registration and licensure. They tend to be the main source of official statistics on health workers reported and used in national health sector plans and reviews. In some cases, data from administrative sources may be periodically supplemented or validated with information from other standard statistical sources (e.g. population- or facility-based assessment).

  • Compendium of official and administrative data sources
    pdf, 21kb

    Compilation of information sources including health workforce statistics for multiple countries. Details on the organization responsible for data collation and dissemination are included. Most of the administrative sources inventoried are compilations of official country reports to WHO and other international or regional partners.

Health facility assessments

Health facility assessments can be conducted using different sampling approaches (establishment census or sample survey) and methodologies (self-administered postal, fax or internet-based questionnaire; or telephone or face-to-face interview). Depending on the nature of the data collection procedures and instruments, in-depth information can be obtained on specific health workforce variables, for instance, in-service training, support supervision, absenteeism and provider productivity. In addition, the nature of facility-based assessments facilitates the collection of data for numerous other indicators pertinent to health systems performance assessment, such as infrastructure, services offered, availability of supplies and costs.

  • Compendium of facility based sources
    pdf, 15kb

    Compendium of health facility assessment exercises conducted under the auspices of international technical cooperation programmes. These programmes tend to benefit from enhanced data comparability within and across countries and over time. Details on the organization responsible for the programme are included and - where available - links to websites for further research of each data source.
  • International Health Facility Assessment Network
    General information and relevant resources for designing and implementing facility assessments are available through the International Health Facility Assessment Network.