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Stages of health workforce development

The world health report 2006 proposed the “working lifespan” approach to systematically address the dynamics of the health workforce, by focusing on strategies related to the stage when people enter the workforce, the period of their lives when they are part of the workforce, and the point at which they make their exit from it. At each stage, specific policy interventions can be designed and implemented, starting from the development a national health workforce development plan, and continuing with the regulatory frameworks for education and practice.

HRH action framework

HRH action framework

The HRH Action Framework is designed to assist governments and health managers to develop and implement strategies to achieve an effective and sustainable health workforce. By using a comprehensive approach, the Framework will help you address staff shortages, uneven distribution of staff, gaps in skills and competencies, low retention and poor motivation, among other challenges.

Health workforce and the Sustainable Development Goals – an infographic

The power of health workers

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