Oversight and evaluation

An external evaluation of the Special Programme covering the period 2008–2012 was finalized in 2013. This reviewed the comparative advantage of HRP and its impact in improving outcomes and influencing evidence-based changes in sexual and reproductive health policies and programmes, as well as carrying out a number of case-studies.

The previous evaluation, covering 2003–2007 focused on the contribution of HRP to global public goods, demonstrating the impact of selected examples of research output on programmes and on meeting the Millennium Development Goals. Additionally, the evaluation assessed HRP's governance, management, administration and efficiency.

An evaluation was also carried out in 2003, covering the period 1990 to 2002. This focused on four key issues: (1) the relevance and effectiveness of HRP-supported research; (2) the dissemination, global use and impact of the results of HRP research; (3) research capacity strengthening by HRP, and the use and impact of HRP's work at country level; and (4) governance process, management, administration and efficiency.