International Clinical Trials Registry Platform (ICTRP)

About the ICTRP

ICTRP Advisory Structure

The ICTRP is a project of the World Health Organization, based within the Department of Knowledge, Ethics and Research (KER) of the Health Systems and Innovation cluster (HSI).

From 31 August 2008, the advisory groups of the ICTRP (including the International Advisory Board and the Scientific Advisory Group) will be replaced by a single entity: the Advisory Group on Clinical Trial Registration and Reporting (AGCTRR). The members of this group will be drawn from the Expert Advisory Panel on Clinical Practice Guidelines, Research Methods and Ethics (GRME).

The terms of reference of the AGCTRR are to advise the ICTRP on:

  • the strategic direction of the ICTRP
  • scientific and technical issues relating to clinical trial registration and reporting
  • the criteria by which a clinical trial registry will be deemed to be assigned the status of WHO Primary Registry
  • the WHO trial registration data set
  • other issues relating to clinical trial registration and reporting

Meetings of the AGCTRR are announced on this web site. Stakeholders are invited to contribute items for consideration on the agenda. The first meeting of the AGCTRR was held on 4-5 November 2009.