International Clinical Trials Registry Platform (ICTRP)

Australian New Zealand Clinical Trials Registry (ANZCTR)

Adhesion to WHO Trial Registration Data Set

Item Does the Registry collect this data? Does the Registry publicly display this data? Comments
Primary Registry and Trial Identifying Number Yes Yes
Date of Registration in Primary Registry Yes Yes
Secondary Identifying Numbers Yes Yes
Sources of Monetary or Material Support Yes Yes
Primary Sponsor Yes Yes
Secondary Sponsors Yes Yes
Contact for Public Queries Yes Yes
Contact for Scientific Queries Yes Yes
Public Title Yes Yes
Scientific Title Yes Yes To date we have used the ICMJE definition of scientific title: requiring the inclusion of the intervention, condition and primary outcome to be assessed in the study. Study acronyms are collected in separate field. From 18th July 2007, trial acronyms will appear as part of this field on the WHO search portal.
Countries of Recruitment Yes Yes Collected indirectly via listing the Ethics Committee sites. From 18 July 2007, this will be recorded and displayed as a discrete field.
Health Conditions or Problems Studied Yes Yes
Interventions Yes Yes
Key Inclusion and Exclusion Criteria Yes Yes Currently these data are collected in one field and displayed in the ‘Inclusion criteria’ field on the WHO site. From 18th July 2007, these fields will appear separately.
Study Type Yes Yes
Date of First Enrollment Yes Yes
Target Sample Size Yes Yes
Recruitment Status Yes Yes
Primary Outcomes Yes Yes
Key Secondary Outcomes Yes Yes