International Clinical Trials Registry Platform (ICTRP)

Iranian Registry of Clinical Trials (IRCT)

Registry Profile



  • Funding Agency: Ministry of Health and Medical Education

  • Managing Agency: A team located in the Ministry, no external agency is involved

  • Description:
    A Scientific Steering Committee composed of distinguished researchers and the country’s top medical journal editors oversees IRCT activities.

Registry Criteria

  • Does the Registry accept prospective registration of interventional clinical trials submitted by Responsible Registrants?

  • Does the Registry have documented Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)?

    • Are mechanisms in place to ensure compliance with these SOPs? (eg staff training)

    • Description of the compliance mechanisms:
      Current IRCT staff were involved in developing the Standard Operating Procedures and the SOPs will be reviewed regularly: within 3 months from the start of operations and after that reviews will be held annually. For new staff, training programs will be arranged when they join IRCT.

  • Does the Registry agree to participate in the development of Guidelines for Clinical Trial Registries?

  • Can the Registry collect and publicly display the WHO Trial Registration Data Set (TRDS)?
    Yes, Click here to view the details.

    • Languages in which the registered information is displayed:
      English, Persian

    • What quality control measures does your Registry have in place to make sure that all 20 items in the WHO TRDS are as complete and accurate as possible?
      Every person who wishes to become a member of IRCT should register first. The information provided will be verified by IRCT staff before his/her account is activated. Once membership is approved, and a request for registration of a trial is received, IRCT staff will ask for documents showing approval of the study by an ethics committee. In the next phase all information entered by the registrants in the website will be studied by IRCT team and should be approved against agreed standards before allocating an IRCT registration code.

  • Does the Registry flag trials that do not provide the complete WHO Trial Registration Data Set at the time of initial registration?
    Not applicable: trials are not accepted for registration if they do not provide the complete WHO TRDS

  • Does the Registry agree to submit the WHO Trial Registration Data Set, in English, to the Central Repository?

  • Does the Registry agree to keep registered information up-to-date?

  • Does the Registry agree to maintain a publicly accessible audit trail so changes made to the WHO Trial Registration Data Set can be tracked?

  • Does the Registry agree to never to remove a trial once it has been registered?

  • Does the Registry publicly disclose ownership, governance structure and not/for-profit status?

  • Does the Registry agree to inform the WHO ICTRP Secretariat of changes that may be relevant to its status as a Collaborating Registry in the Registry Network?

  • Is the Registry searchable over the Internet at no charge?

  • Is the Registry open to all prospective registrants?

  • From which countries will the Registry accept trials for registration?
    All Countries. The IRCT accepts all entries from any responsible registrant who is submitting information in English.