International Clinical Trials Registry Platform (ICTRP)

Adhesion to WHO Trial Registration Data Set

Item Does the Registry collect this data? Does the Registry publicly display this data? Comments
Primary Registry and Trial Identifying Number Yes Yes
Date of Registration in Primary Registry Yes Yes
Secondary Identifying Numbers Yes Yes
Sources of Monetary or Material Support Yes Yes
Primary Sponsor Yes Yes
Secondary Sponsors Yes Yes However ISRCTN expects one primary sponsor to be identified, no specific field for secondary sponsor
Contact for Public Queries Yes Yes
Contact for Scientific Queries Yes Yes Not in a specific field
Public Title Yes Yes
Scientific Title Yes Yes
Countries of Recruitment Yes Yes
Health Conditions or Problems Studied Yes Yes
Interventions Yes Yes
Key Inclusion and Exclusion Criteria Yes Yes
Study Type Yes Yes
Date of First Enrollment Yes Yes Called trial start date
Target Sample Size Yes Yes
Recruitment Status Yes Yes This can take three values, 'Ongoing', 'Completed' or 'Stopped':
* If trial end date > system date, status will read 'Ongoing'
* If trial end date < system date, status will read 'Completed'
* If the trial has been stopped for any reason, this field will display 'Stopped'
Primary Outcomes Yes Yes
Key Secondary Outcomes Yes Yes