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12 December 2008

The Iranian Registry of Clinical Trials (IRCT) has become the latest registry to join the list of WHO Primary Registries. This means that IRCT conforms to WHO registry criteria and that registering trials with IRCT satisfies the trial registration policies of many medical journals.

10 December 2008

Version 3 of the International Clinical Trials Registry Platform Search Portal was released. Accompanying this event was the addition of four additional data providers to the portal.

17 October 2008

The Japan Primary Registries Network (comprising three clinical trial registries) was announced as a WHO Primary Registry. Japanese readers can see the statement made by the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare.

3 October 2008

The German Clinical Trials Register was announced as a WHO Primary Registry at the Cochrane Colloquium in Freiburg, Germany.

29-30 September 2008

A meeting of the Working Group on Best Practice for Clinical Trial Registries took place in Geneva with participants from 10 registries. The meeting agreed minimum operating standards for clinical trial registries on establishing the existence of trials and registrants, ensuring trial records are valid and complete, handling retrospective registration and unique trial identification.

8 August 2008

The ICTRP website was updated and reorganized, including information on the role of data providers and better information on Primary Registry criteria.

4 July 2008

An enhanced version of the standard search on the WHO ICTRP Clinical Trials Search Portal was released. New features include use of Boolean operators, truncation and automatic synonym searches.

9-12 April 2008

South Asian Regional Meeting on Evidence Based Health Care, Vellore, India. The ICTRP Project Coordinator ran a workshop on trial registration, publication bias and reporting the findings of clinical trials.

March 2008

The Netherlands National Trial Register (NTR) was announced as a WHO Primary Registry.

The Sri Lanka Clinical Trials Registry (SLCTR) was announced as a WHO Primary Registry at the inauguration ceremony of the Annual Academic Session of the Sri Lanka Medical Association (SLMA).

28 February 2008

Version 2.1 of the WHO Search Portal was released. In this version, a thesaurus was added to the Condition field in the Advanced Search. This means that when, for example, you search for a particular disease or condition, the other names by which this disease or condition is known, will be automatically included in your search (if they are listed in the thesaurus).

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