International Clinical Trials Registry Platform (ICTRP)

ICTRP Search Portal Web Service

The ICTRP Search Portal Web Service allows users to interrogate the ICTRP database of clinical trials in real time by using XML web services. In essence, this means that an agreed partner website can access, search and display results from the ICTRP database on their site without actually coming to the ICTRP Search Portal website.

Who may use the ICTRP web service?

The ICTRP Web Service is available to the public for research purposes only. It is also intended for use by:

  • Primary Registries in the WHO Registry Network
  • Public agencies of WHO's Member States (government bodies)
  • Internal WHO units, departments, regional offices, country offices, etc.

Partners using the web service

The United Kingdom's National Health Service (NHS) is the first partner to use the ICTRP Web Service to display clinical trial search results from the ICTRP database on its website. They have developed a main clinical trials search page as well as condition specific pages. For example, if you are looking up information on asthma, there is a page that automatically shows a listing of clinical trials from the ICTRP database related to this condition. Once on this page, the search can also be further refined. Further condition specific pages can be found under the link "Health A-Z" on their site.

Conditions of use and resource implications

This is an additional service provided by the ICTRP in response to requests from potential users. The ICTRP Secretariat needs to recoup the costs of conducting the work necessary to provide the service to potential users. The cost charged by ICTRP for accessing the ICTRP web service can be provided upon request.