IFCS champions

Plan to advance Forum IV recommendations and action items and IFCS priorities for action

The IFCS has established a programme of IFCS "Champions" to advance Forum IV recommendations and action items, and the IFCS Priorities for Action beyond 2000. The aim of the IFCS Champions programme is to increase awareness of and action on the IFCS agenda throughout the world.

Each area, function, participation issue being addressed by the IFCS will have a designated leader who will be called "Champion". Each "Champion" may have his/her own style. The mechanism is to be flexible to accommodate the wide range of work. Each "lead" Champion can enlist others working in the area as additional Champions to assist in a coordinated effort. Individuals may carry out the work differently depending on their personal circumstances and ability. Champions will look for an array of opportunities in which to promote and raise awareness about the IFCS recommendations and Priorities for Action. They will also seek opportunities to bring together various people working on the topic to form new collaborative/support efforts and partnerships. The opportunities and efforts will ideally cover a broad range of activities and target audiences.

The main responsibilities of the "Champions" focus at the global level for the specific issue/sector, are:

  • Advocacy/Marketing
  • Resource mobilization (within the umbrella of IFCS)
  • Networking
  • Social/political movements
  • Communications
  • Other necessary activities to support the Forum's decisions.

Forum IV to V IFCS Champions

President's Plans to Advance Forum IV Recommendations and Action Items & IFCS Priorities for Action

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