IFCS Information Circulars

Information Circulars 2005

Volume 5 No 11

Table of Contents
- IFCS Award of Merit
- IFCS Special Recognition Award
- Global Thematic Workshop on Strengthening
Capacities to Implement the GHS
15-18 November 2005, Johannesburg, South Africa
- Regional Workshop on Chemical Hazard Communication
and GHS Implementation for Countries of ASEAN,
17–20 October 2005, Manila, Philippines
- IPEP Project website
- UNEP to Host First Trade Union Assembly
on Labour and the Environment
- Selected recent publications:

Volume 5 No 10

- Development of a globally accessible data
repository for hazard data on HPV chemicals (Global HPV Portal) - update
- Honoloko - the island of environment and health
- WWF Tests Show Children More Contaminated Than Mothers
- First Stockholm Convention Review Committee Meeting Held
- WHO Workshop on Mechanisms of Fibre Carcinogenesis and
Assessment of Chrysotile Asbestos Substitutes,
8-12 November, Lyon.
- Environmental and Occupational Causes of Cancer
- CHE Toxicant and Disease Database

Volume 5 No 9

- IFCS "Chemical Safety and Children's Health - Protecting the world's children
from harmful chemicals exposures: a global guide to resources"
- Guidance document on the setting of acute reference dose (ARfD)
- 2005 World Summit Outcome - Follow-up to the outcome of the Millennium Summit -
Resolution by the High-level Plenary Meeting of the General Assembly
by the General Assembly at its fifty-ninth session
- WHO Workshop: Protecting children from established and uncertain chemical threats:
Tools and mechanisms for information towards prevention (17 to 19 October, 2005)
- Environmental Health Impact from Exposures to Heavy Metals -
Report of a WHO Interregional Workshop (1 - 3 June 2005, Shimla, Himachal Pradesh, India)
- IPCS Concise International Chemical Assessment Documents (CICAD) - new publications
- Guidelines for Drinking Water Quality. Rolling Revision on website

Volume 5 No 8

- Third Meeting of the SAICM Preparatory Committee (SAICM PrepCom3)
- International Conference on Children's Environmental Health,
Buenos Aires, Argentina, 14-16 November
- Regional Workshop on Chemical Hazard Communication and
GHS Implementation for Countries of the
Association of South East Asian Nations - Global Thematic Workshop on
Strengthening Capacities to Implement the GHS
- United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Pesticide Fate Database
- Revision of SIDS website and notice of further SIDS publications
- New Swedish Chemicals Inspectorate Report, "Building a Healthy Economy:
chemicals Risk Management as a Driver of Development"

Volume 5 No 7

Table of Contents
- Overview of IFCS Thought Starters for the Third Meeting of
the SAICM Preparatory Committee (SAICM PrepCom3):
International Aspects of Chemicals Management post-SAICM adoption -
tracking progress, promoting implementation, and follow-up
International Framework for Chemicals Management:
Key Lessons from the Experience of the Intergovernmental Forum on Chemical Safety
INFOCAP Recommendation to the SAICM PrepCom3
SAICM Addressing the Widening Gap -
Proposal For A New Initiative To Facilitate
Strengthening Country Capacity For The Sound Management Of Chemicals
- Mercury in Health Care
- International Mycotoxin Workshop - Second-hand Pesticides:
New Pesticide Action Network North America
(PANNA) Airborne Pesticide Drift Website
- WHO Guidelines for Drinking-water Quality,
Petroleum products in drinking-water
- IFCS Information Circulars now available in Russian

Volume 5 No 6

Table of Contents
- IFCS Thought Starters for SAICM PrepCom3
- Widening Gap Expert Group Meeting
- Japanese Program to Facilitate Information Collection on HPV Chemicals
- Eighth Meeting of the UNITAR/ILO Global GHS Capacity Building Programme Advisory Group (PAG)
- WHO Guidelines for Drinking Water Quality
- The Sustainable Agriculture and Rural Development Initiative (SARD)

Volume 5 No. 5

Table of Contents
- IFCS 63rd Forum Standing Committee Meeting
- SAICM Expanded Bureau Meeting
- SAICM PrepCom3 Invitations
- IFCS CEE Regional Chemical Safety Conference
- Seminar for Euro-Region Health Care-Providers on "Windows of Vulnerability" in Children
- 65th Joint FAO/WHO Expert Committee on Food Additives Meeting
- OECD Working Group on Pesticides Meeting - 7-8 June 2005
- Health and Environment Ministers from the Americas Meet
- Health and Environmental Linkages Initiative Website

Volume 5 No. 4

Table of Contents
- First Conference of the Parties to the Stockholm Convention: 2-6 May 2005 Punta del Este, Uruguay
- Children's Health and POPs: Protecting our Most Precious Resource
- International Chemical Safety Cards
- 22nd Meeting of the Codex Committee on General Principles, 11-15 April, 2005, Paris, france
- Forum Standing Committee Meeting, 1-3 June 2005, Budapest, Hungary
- SAICM: EU-JUSSCANNZ consultation, Paris, 6-7 June 2005

Volume 5 No. 3

Table of Contents
- New Directions for the IPCS Harmonization Project
- Pesticide Action Network Launches 1.3 Millon Euro Project
- CropLife Asia's Online Learning Website
- International POPs Elimination Network Update
- WHO Guidelines for drinking-water Quality
- IFCS Chemical Safety Video Update

Volume 5 No. 2

Table of Contents
- SAICM Regional Meetings
- SAICM Intersessional Work
- Forum Standing Committee Thought Starter for SAICM PrepCom3
- South America Sub-regional Workshop on Chemical Hazard Communication and GHS Implementation
- Healthy Environments for Children Alliance Issue Briefs
- IPCS WHO Recommended Classification of Pesticides by Hazard
- New Acutely Toxic Pesticides Brochure
- Chemicals Management Decision at the 23rd Session of the UNEP Governing Council

Volume 5 No. 1

Table of Contents
- IFCS Forum Standing Committee Activities in Review