IFCS Information Circulars

Information Circulars 2003

Vol 3 no 9

Table of Contents
IFCS Forum IV Summary Report
SAICM Prep Com1 Summary Report

vol 3 no 8

IFCS Award of Merit and Special Recognition Award Recipients

Vol 3 No 7

Table of Contents
- Baltic Hazardous Substances Report Published
- Health Care Without Harm - Results of International Competition
- The Revised GESAMP Hazard Evaluation
Procedure for Chemical Substances Carried by Ships

Vol 3 no 6

Table of Contents
- INFOCAP Special Announcement

vol 3 no 5

Table of Contents
- Strategic Approach to International
Chemicals Management (SAICM) Background
- World Health Assembly SAICM Resolution
- International Labour Conference SAICM Resolution
- IFCS SAICM Working Group - An update on preparations for
Forum IV and SAICM PrepCom1

vol 3 no 4

Table of Contents
- Globally Harmonized System of Classification and
Labelling of Chemicals
- International Chemical Safety Cards (ICSC)
- European Campaign to Combat Risks of
Dangerous Chemicals in the Workplace
- WSSD Global Partnership for
Capacity Building to Implement the GHS
- First Meeting 10-11 July, 2003
- Global GHS Partnership Presented at CSD
- PRTR Protocol Adopted

vol 3 no 3

Table of Contents
- PRTR Highlights for Forum IV
- New United Nations Treaty on Pollution
Information Disclosure
- UNITAR Activities to Support PRTR Development
- Upcoming PRTR Workshops and Conferences
- Summary Report from ILO/IALI Conference

vol 3 no 2

Table of Contents
Forum Standing Committee Activities since
Forum III and Preparations for Forum IV

vol 3 no 1

Table of Contents
- PAN introduces new data set to the PAN
Pesticides Database web site Africa Stockpiles Program
- PAN materials available on progressive
pest management for the European Commission
- New International Code on pesticide use adopted
- Nordic data base on chemicals in products now available on the Internet
- Recent publications