IFCS Information Circulars

Information Circulars 2002

Vol No 8

Table of Contents
IFCS Award of Merit - Nomination form

Vol 2 no 7

Table of Contents
- OECD publishes 2nd edition of the
International Directory of Emergency
Response Centers of Chemical Accidents
- OECD on-line HPV database
- IPCS publishes Global Assessment of the
State-of-the-Science of Endocrine Disruptors
- Risk management and risk assessment of pesticide formulations
- Interministerial Cooperation Workshop - UNITAR

Vol 2 No 6

Table of Contents
- Rotterdam Convention: Developments in the Implementation
- Preventing Health Risks from the Use of Pesticides in Agriculture
- Agricultural Workers' Trade Group - 3rd World Conference: Action for the Sound
Management of Chemicals

Vol 2 No 5

Table of Contents
- Chemical Safety Awareness Raising in IFCS regions
- FSC Special Announcement
- IFCS Regional Meetings

Vol 2 No 4

Table of Contents
- The IFCS Directory of Chemicals Management Officials in National
Governments is now available on the IFCS Web Site

Vol 2 No 3

Table of Contents
- IPCS Harmonization of Approaches to the
Assessment of Risk from Exposure to Chemicals:
An Update @ www.ipcsharmonize.org

Vol 2 No 2

Table of Contents
- A Strategic Approach to International Chemicals Management
- Three Pesticides and Asbestos Targeted for Action
- Consultation on Public Health Response to Chemical Incident
- Poisons Information Centres in the Caribbean
- FAO Code of Conduct on the Distribution and Use of Pesticides - Update
- Strengthening National Capacities for Chemical Analysis and Monitoring
for the Sound Management of Chemicals

Vol 2 No 1

Table of Contents
- Chemical Accident Risk Assessment Thesaurus (CARAT) Database
- Chemical Incident Reports Center (CIRC)