Forum III Meeting Documents

01w: Proposed Provisional Agenda

02w: Proposed Provisional Annotated Agenda

03w: Proposed General Time Schedule

04w: Proposed Detailed Time Schedule

06w: Intergovernmental Forum on Chemical Safety: Organization of Work amd Terms of Reference

06w Add: Intergovernmental Forum on Chemical Safety: The Role of the President

08INF: President's Analysis of Progress

09w: IFCS Priorities for Action Beyond 2000

10w: Prevention of Illegal International Traffic in Toxic and Dangerous Products

11w: Barriers to Information Exchange for the Sound Management of Chemicals

13w: Information Exchange for Chemical Production Decision Making

14w: Emission Inventories (Pollutant Release and Transfer Registers)

15w: Raising Awareness and Raising the Priority of Chemicals Management Capacity Building Issues at Political Levels

12w: Capacity Building Network for the Sound Management of Chemicals: Discussion on and Possible Adoption/Endorsement of a Draft Terms of Reference

16w: The Bahia Declaration on Chemical Safety - Draft

Election Facilitating Committee