Children and Chemical Safety

Climate Change and Chemicals Management


"Chemical Safety and Children's Health
Protecting the world's children from harmful
chemicals exposures: a global guide to resources"

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Publications and presentations of interest:

Seminar organized by Food and Drug Administration, Ministry of Public Health, Thailand, 25 February 2008.

The presentation included information on:
- burden of disease caused by chemicals;
- bio-monitoring as a tool for research; and
- research to support policy development.

The World Health Organization (WHO) has published the first ever report highlighting children's special susceptibility to harmful chemical exposures at different periods of their growth. This new volume of the Environmental Health Criteria series, Principles for Evaluating Health Risks in Children Associated with Exposure to Chemicals, is the most comprehensive work yet undertaken on the scientific principles to be considered in assessing health risks in children. It highlights the fact that in children, the stage in their development when exposure occurs may be just as important as the magnitude of the exposure.

The scientific principles proposed in the document for evaluating environmental health risks in children will help the health sector, researchers and policy makers to protect children of all ages through improved risk assessments, appropriate interventions and focused research to become healthy adults.

Children and chemical safety:
frame work for action to protect children from harmful exposures.

IFCS Forum IV Recommendations Presentation

Children's Brochure

Forum V: Toys and Chemical Safety

Recommendations from Forum V
Budapest, Hungary, 25-29 September 2006

  • Lead and Cadmium in soft plastic toys
    Abhay Kumar and Prashant Pastore
    Current Science Vol 93 No (25 September 2007) pgs 818-822
  • Presumption of Safety: Limits of Federal Policies on Toxic Substances in Consumer Products
    Joel Tickner, ScD—Assistant Professor in the Department of Community Health and Sustainability and Project Director, Chemicals Policy Initiative of the Lowell Center for Sustainable Production, University of Massachusetts Lowell
    Yve Torrie, MA—Project Manager, Lowell Center for Sustainable Production, University of Massachusetts Lowell

    This report identifies four reasons why the US government regulatory system for protecting the public from toxic substances in toys and other products is inadequate, allowing potentially harmful products to end up on store shelves.

Forum IV Recommendations and Agreed Action Items on
Children and Chemical Safety

1 page flyer

Central European Journal Publication

Central European Journal Occupational and
Environmental Medicine
Protecting Children from Harmful Chemical Exposures

Table of Contents:

- Protecting Children from Harmful Chemical Exposures

- Decisions of Forum IV of IFCS

Spanish version of Journal Publication

- Recommendations of the Forum IV

Spanish version is available from the IFCS Secretariat

La versión en español se encuentra disponible en el Secretariado del IFCS

  • Sustainable Toy Initiative
    Lowell Center for Sustainable Production
    University of Massachusetts Lowell

    The Lowell Center for Sustainable Production is in the early stages of convening a multi-stakeholder Sustainable Toys Initiative to identify solutions for ensuring that toys are safe and healthy for children, the earth, and the workers who make them, no matter where the toys are produced and consumed.


Children's Health and Persistent Organic Pollutants.
Protecting our Most Precious Resource

Sponsored by: Government of Uruguay, PAHO, WHO, IFCS
4 May 2005 - Punta del Este, Uruguay
Stockholm Convention COP1

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Video: COP Protegiendo a los niños,
nuestro bien más preciado.
POPs Protecting Children, our most precious resource
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4th International Conference on Children's Health and the Environment.
Vienna, Austria, 10-12 June 2007