81st IFCS Forum Standing Committee Meeting

Dakar, Senegal
14 September 2008

Meeting Documents

Please note: Meeting Documents may be draft versions representing work in progress. Please contact your Forum Standing Committee Representative or the IFCS Secretariat if you have any questions or need more information

Agenda Item Document Title Doc. Number Format/Availability
2 Proposed Provisional Annotated Agenda IFCS/FSC/08.19 WORD
List of Documents IFCS/FSC/08.20 WORD
3 Draft Meeting Summary Report - 80th FSC Meeting 8.14 rev1 WORD
Agenda and Programme
Conduct of Business in Plenary Sessions of the Forum IFCS/Forum VI/3INF WORD
4.4 Regional Groups Meetings, and ad hoc Working Groups
Proposed Provisional Agenda IFCS/Forum VI/01w WORD
Overview of Programme and Proposed General Time Schedule IFCS/Forum VI/07.15 rev5 PDF
Forum VI Plenary Programme Forum VI Room Document WORD
4.4.1.a Lead Sponsors role and responsabilities during Forum VI
Lead Sponsors' role and responsabilities IFCS/FSC/08.04 rev2 WORD
4.4.2 Side Events
Side Events Working List IFCS/FSC/08 INF3 rev5 WORD

General References

Document Title Doc. Number Format/Availability
IFCS Forum VI website - Meeting documents and other information IFCS website Forum VI