IFCS Financing Work Programme

Partnerships in Global Chemical Safety

IFCS has evolved to be the "over-arching framework" to develop and promote through a consensus building process international strategies and partnerships among national governments, intergovernmental organizations, and non-governmental organizations for the sound management of chemicals. IFCS serves to bring the element of global accountability to bear on all stakeholders and sectors.

Although voluntary contributions of time and effort are very important and required in the Forum efforts, the reality is that the IFCS goals and objectives would be difficult to achieve without the financial contributions of all stakeholders and sectors.

The day-to-day administrative and operational expenses of the IFCS are covered by the Trust Fund. The participation of developing countries and non-governmental organizations in the IFCS events and meetings are provided by the Twinning Funds. In addition, designated contributions to the Fund for Advocacy and Action Promotion to support the special initiatives undertaken by the IFCS. To make a contribution to one of the funds please see the IFCS Contribution Form.


Why a Trust Fund?

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Twinning Funds

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IFCS Contribution Form: Trust Funds, Advocacy and Action Promotion and Twinning Funds

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Participation of Developing Countries via Twinning Funds Assistance

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Twinning Arrangements for IFCS Meetings

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IFCS Fund for Advocacy and Action Promotion

Financing Work Programme