Financing Work Programme

Twinning Funds

The Twinning Funds assist participation by the developing countries at IFCS events and meetings where they become part of the contributing solution to global chemical safety. Without this financial support to cover travel and accommodation costs, their participation would be extremely limited.

The full recognition of the role of all sectors of society - governments, social partners, industry, scientific organizations, and environmental, public interest and worker groups in promoting the sound management of chemical risks is an essential element in the Forum's working mechanism. To support this approach and help ensure adequate representation from all non-governmental groups, donors may make designated contributions to the Twinning Funds to support the participation of non-governmental organizations needing assistance in IFCS meetings. Designated contributions are managed separately in the Twinning Funds.

This special account will be administered in accordance with any conditions specified by the contributor. To assure fairness, IFCS has adopted guidelines, in accordance with IFCS policies and procedures, for selection of recipients of twinning assistance for participation in IFCS meetings.