Indicators of Progress: National Focal Point Survey

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Reporting guidelines for IFCS National Focal Points (NFP),
agreed to at Forum IV, indicate that:
"The National Focal Point should report at least once a year
to the IFCS Secretariat on the progress in the implementation
of the Priorities for Action and other matters concerning
relevant chemical safety issues at the national level."

Reporting is done by filling out the IFCS Indicators
of Progress Questionnaire (see below).

The completion of this questionnaire constitutes an important contribution by countries to the IFCS, fulfilling its mandate to
report on progress of governments, international organizations,
and intergovernmental bodies in achieving the IFCS goals
for the sound management of chemicals.

Key Documents

Cover letter to National Focal Points

Indicators of Progress Questionnaire

Summary Response Table (maintained by IFCS)

Background Documents

Forum IV - Summary Report

Forum V
Executive Summary (all languages)

Forum IV
Executive Summary (all languages)

Forum IV recommendations and agreed items

Priorities for Action Beyond 2000
Priorities for Action Beyond 2000

Priorities for Action (all languages)

Recommendations for "Priorities for Action Beyond 2000" deal with:
-Priorities for Action by governments
- Work by which international bodies may develope
effective tools for use by governments; and
- Ways in which stakeholders may demostrate
their commitment to chemical safety

President's Progress Report cover

Presidents Progress Reports

Presidency of Thailand: Forum IV - Forum V
Progress Report

Presidency of Brazil: Forum III - Forum IV
Progress Report

Contribution of the IFCS President (2000-2003)
Description of the events that took place at IFCS between 2000 and 2003

Presidency of Canada: Forum II - Forum III
President's Analysis of Progress (March 2000)

President's Progress Report (1997)

2002 IFCS Indicators of Progress Questionnaire