IFCS Forum Sessions

Forum Sessions of the Forum are held at intervals of 2-3 years.

The Forum Standing Committee guides the process of development of meeting materials and documents following the practice of lead country/sponsor/organization approach to preparing materials for agenda items.

Any participant in the Forum may request the Secretariat to include specific items in the Provisional Agenda prior to its distribution. The Provisional Agenda is communicated to all participants in the Forum at least two months before the opening of the session. After the communication of the Provisional Agenda and before the adoption of the Agenda by the Forum, participants may propose only items of an important and urgent nature.

The Forum adopts, and may, at any session, amend its own rules of procedure.

The Forum considers and adopts a report at each session embodying the recommendations adopted. Reports are distributed to all participants in the Forum and, through appropriate channels, to the Commission on Sustainable Development and to the governing bodies of the IOMC participating organizations.

Upcoming Events

Forum VI

More information

15-19 September 2008
(Pre meetings 13 & 14 September 2008)


Forum V

Budapest, Hungary
25-29 September 2006

Forum IV

more information

Bangkok, Thailand
1-7 November 2003

Forum III

more information

Salvador da Bahia, Brazil
15-20 October 2000

Forum II

more information

Ottawa, Canada
February 1997

Forum I

more information

The International Conference on Chemical Safety (Forum I) took place in Stockholm, Sweden
April 1994