Forum VI

The Sixth Session of the Intergovernmental Forum on Chemical Safety was hosted by the Government of Senegal, in Dakar, from Monday 15 to Friday 19 September 2008

Official website of the Government of Senegal for Forum VI

Award of Merit

The IFCS Award of Merit prize shall recognize a person(s) or organization(s) for outstanding contributions to international activities in chemical safety.

Special Recognition Award

The Special Recognition Award recognizes those contributing in an exceptional way on a special chemical topic or activity

Forum VI Meeting Documents

Plenary Presentations

Programme and Time Schedule

Overview of Programme and Poposed General Time Schedule

Overview of plenary agenda topics

Information Circular - Vol7 No2 (English, French and Spanish versions)

Topics for the Agenda and Programme

Forum V agreed on a list of possible topics for future sessions of the Forum of IFCS.
See the Proposals - Group members/contributors

SAICM Information Session

SAICM Secretariat
Sunday, 14 Sept. 2008

Children's Environmental Health and Chemical Safety

South South Cooperation
Africa & LAC:
Sunday, 14 Sept. 2008

Chemical Leasing

UNIDO, Austria and Germany
Monday, 15 Sept. 2008

Lead in Paints in Developing Countries - An Unfinished Agenda

Toxics Link
Monday, 15 Sept. 2008

Ethical and other fundamental considerations on nanotechnology & manufactured nanomaterials

Tuesday, 16 Sept. 2008

The Central Role of the International Code of Conduct and Use of Pesticides in Achieving Sustainable Chemicals Management

Mark Davis
Clifton Curtis
Wednesday, 17 Sept.2008

Ecological Pest Management in a Sustainable World

Thursday, 18 Sept. 2008

Pilot Project for a Regional Chem Helpdesk to strengthen the sound management of chemicals

A joint initiative of the Chulabhorn Research Institute and World Health Organization Regional Office for South East Asia (WHO/SEARO)
Thailand and WHO
Thursday, 18 Sept. 2008

Information session: Planning for workshop on substances in articles