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  • Forum V
    Budapest, Hungary, September 2006
  • Forum IV
    Bangkok, Thailand, November 2003
  • Forum III
    Salvador de Bahia, Brazil, October 2000
  • Forum II
    Ottawa, Canada, February 1997
  • Forum I
    Stockholm, Sweden, 1994

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Intersessional Group

1996 Persistent Organic Pollutants (POPs) Meetings:

Experts Group Meeting (17-19 June 1996, Manila, Philippines)

IFCS ad hoc Working Group on POPs Meeting (21-22 June 1996, Manila, Philippines)

Strategy for Disposal of PCBs

Framework for Management of PCBs

Bahia Declaration
Priorities for Action Beyond 2000

IFCS Participant Documents

  • Applying Precaution in the context of Chemical Safety
    pdf, 178kb

    Article published by the Regional Activity Centre for Cleaner Production - Government of Catalonia, Spain, based on the material and documents prepared for the Forum V Plenary Open Information/Discussion Session on Applying Precaution in the Context of Chemical Safety

Future of IFCS

Proposal to integrate IFCS into ICCM as an advisory body

Dakar, Senegal

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Past Events

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Forum V, Budapest, Hungary, from 25 to 29 September 2006

Case Studies and Tools:

  • Substitution and Alternatives
    A list of case studies, examples and tools prepared by the FSC Working Group, intended to provide information and guidance on risk reduction


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IFCS videos

Access video

Chemical Safety in a Vulnerable World.
IFCS Forum IV video

Children and POPs

- Protecting our most precious resources.
Documentary in Spanish with subtitles in English


Chemicals Management Officials in National Governments

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Strategic Aproach to International Chemicals Management (SAICM)

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Indicator of Progress: National Focal Point Annual Survey

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IFCS Award of Merit

Awards of Merit

The prize recognizes a person/organzation for outstanding contributions to activities in chemical safety.

Special Recognition Awards

Recognizes those contributing in an exceptional way on a special chemical topic or activity more information